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H2 Registration Help

From:  Anonymous
Subject: Problems registering my collection
Date: 2005-6-23

>The ndoc project builds successfully, ending with the message: "Title registered successfully."
> However, when I open Visual Studio .NET 2003 Combined Collection (ms.vscc.2003) my help
> collection is missing in Contents or index or found in search.

Often the TOC disappears meaning there is a syntax error somewhere in you collection. 
In this case VS TOC is there but your collection is a no show. Both situations are 
caused by setup error somewhere in your collection or registration steps.

For the case where the VS TOC completely disappears, simply unplug your collection 
and everything should returns to normal.
NDoc uses often use our H2Reg utility to register the collection.

First check the trouble shooting section

My best advice is to use a manual registration tool and take it a step at a time.

FAR HTML Utility has the H2Reg registration built in. Its 60 days trial so you have plenty of time.
1. Go to FAR: "Authoring > H2 Utilities" and open the Registration window ("Namespace > Register...").
2. On the Namespace page enter a unique name (namespace) for your collection
    and select your collection level (.HxC) file.
3. On the Titles page Add any titles (.HxS) files to the namespace.

 Its important to choose the correct Title name to associate with each .HxS file.
 It must be the same Name you used in the collection level master TOC (.HxT) file.
 Below you can see I have an include statement with URL= "h2reg" so
 I must Register my .HxS to my Namespace using the same Tile name "h2reg".
<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="h2reg"/>
4. Test that collection. Should be able to view it (using that Namespace) in the FAR viewer.
5. Finally use the Plug-in page to plug your Namespace into MS.VSCC.2003
Does ms.vscc.2003 view OK?
All the above can be done from the FAR Registration window.
If no good then maybe the collection level files are no good.
Next thing I would try is the FAR H2 Collection Wizard. This will take you
step by step and create the Collection level Hx? files and register everything for you.
FAR: "Authoring > H2 Collection Wizard"
Once you have this OK then you can go and tackle H2Reg.exe script in NDoc again.