FAR Debug Mode

Solving problems in FAR 5.x and greater
  1. Try reboot the machine.
  2. Microsoft hotfixes can destabilize Windows, so first thing to try is a Windows Update. FAR is built on the installed Windows APIs. 
  3. You can try the latest FAR Beta here: http://www.helpwaregroup.com/download/beta
If all else fails please enable FAR debug and send us the debug log file, along with details of how to reproduce the problem.

How to enable FAR debug output: 
  1. Create a text file called "debug.debug" in the same folder as FAR.exe
  2. Start FAR.exe and do whatever you want in FAR.
  3. When FAR.exe is closed you will find a new debug hhDebug.txt file in the FAR.exe folder. If FAR.exe is in a protect folder (like c:\program files\) then we put the log file into C:\_FarDebug\